Observe Perpetually

One of my professors imposed the mantra “observe perpetually”. This has been the greatest tool in achieving my designs because a vision comes when I least expect it. For me a color palate unfolds when I mentally frame the beach, sky, wild sea grass and white frothy wave caps. A room can unfold in my mind when I catch a glimpse of an albino peacock or see a spectacular slab of onyx. Inspiration is limitless; so is my passion for every project.

As you follow me on my personal and professional journey via social media you will see #observeperpetually on many of the photos I post. Usually these are just things that catch my eye and make me smile. Subconsciously something in that photo will be tucked away to draw on at a later time. I encourage you to do the same. Amazingly you will find yourself appreciating the tiniest things and smiling a whole lot more every day.