Kelly Cruz Interiors Creates Life in Davidson, NC

Kelly Cruz Interiors Creates Life in Davidson, NC

An experienced interior designer with limitless creativity

Based in the charming college town of Davidson, North Carolina, Kelly Cruz Interiors is a full-service interior design firm that creates luxurious spaces for homeowners and business owners, alike. Thanks to over 20 years of interior design experience, we’ve had the opportunity to complete projects in many areas of the United States and Puerto Rico. We now have the flexibility to take our unique designs worldwide. 

Kelly Cruz Interiors brings visions to life

At Kelly Cruz Interiors, our goal is to bring distinctive designs to upscale homes, hospitality spaces and commercial buildings throughout the Davidson, Lake Norman and Charlotte areas. To do this successfully, our design team will:
  • Work with some of the best craftsmen and manufacturers in the United States
  • Handle all aspects of the project, from concept to completion
  • Create spaces that flow with creativity and liveability
Get the space of your dreams with Kelly Cruz Interiors.

Meet Charlie, my Havanese sidekick.

He is ten pounds of happiness all day, every day. Although his design knowledge is limited (ok, he couldn’t care less) he adds a constant reminder that lifestyle matters most - Function Over Form.

"Good architecture is like a piece of beautifully composed music crystallized in space that elevates our spirits beyond the limitation of time."

Tao Ho

"Beauty-the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole."

Leon Battista Alberti

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it."

Henry David Thoreau

A Note From Kelly

My style is your style, only better than you expected.

I want to help you enjoy life's small luxuries on a daily basis; maybe some of the larger ones too. Let's begin with a consultation.

My preference is to join and work as a team with the architect, builder and client from the earliest phases of concept and all the way through completion. Kelly Cruz Interiors has the capacity to deliver comprehensive design services including all specifications for interior and exterior elevations with every detail carefully thought out and clearly articulated.

Form and Function
Our design team project management often includes opportunities to bring talent to all areas of your home while collaborating with our trusted skilled professionals.

Life and Style
I believe quality; in creating real designs for real people, because it's not just another pretty's where you live.

Come Closer

One of my professors once imposed the mantra "observe perpetually". This has been the greatest tool in achieving my designs because a vision sometimes comes when I least expect it. For me, a color palate unfolds when I mentally frame the beach, sky, wild sea grass and frothy white caps. A room can unfold in my mind when i catch a glimpse of an albino peacock or see a spectacular slab of onyx. Inspiration is limitless; so is my passion for every project. No matter if it's a private or commercial space, a restaurant or a bar, hospitality or even a custom RV, my approach is the same. I call on the finest craftsmen, manufacturers, and resources to bring the perfect blend of livability and elegance.