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Observe Perpetually

One of my professors imposed the mantra “observe perpetually”. This has been the greatest tool in achieving my designs because a vision comes when I least expect it. For me a color palate unfolds when I mentally frame the beach, sky, wild sea grass and white frothy wave caps. A room can unfold in my

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Little Luxuries a Master Bath Can Provide

When I embarked on the journey of making over a master bathroom in a very lovely home we had to work within the existing shell of the bathroom. The “tub/no tub” question was answered and unanswered several times before we began demo. We landed on “no tub” as the clients were planning to stay in

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Make Your Home Fit Your Lifestyle

Sunday morning before church I picked up my copy of Conde Nast Traveler magazine. I couldn’t resist the allure of the cover taunting me with exotic places: Oman, Umbria, Panama, Mumbai and Paris. I flipped through the pages in anticipation of being inspired by textures and patterns that are used in the architectural finishes in

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