Observe Perpetually

One of my professors imposed the mantra “observe perpetually”. This has been the greatest tool in achieving my designs because a vision comes when I least expect it. For me a color palate unfolds when I mentally frame the beach, sky, wild sea grass and white frothy wave caps. A room can unfold in my mind when I catch a glimpse of an albino peacock or see a spectacular slab of onyx. Inspiration is limitless; so is my passion for every project.

As you follow me on my personal and professional journey via social media you will see #observeperpetually on many of the photos I post. Usually these are just things that catch my eye and make me smile. Subconsciously something in that photo will be tucked away to draw on at a later time. I encourage you to do the same. Amazingly you will find yourself appreciating the tiniest things and smiling a whole lot more every day.

Little Luxuries a Master Bath Can Provide

When I embarked on the journey of making over a master bathroom in a very lovely home we had to work within the existing shell of the bathroom. The “tub/no tub” question was answered and unanswered several times before we began demo. We landed on “no tub” as the clients were planning to stay in the home for at least several more years and a tub was of no use to them. My clients asked me to educate them on the little luxuries a master bath can provide. We talked about things like heated floors, heated towel racks, audio visual equipment, lights on sensors and of course all the fun shower spray options. With consideration to the budget and space limitations not all the upgrades were appropriate. Ultimately the clients left the job in my hands and demo began. The bathroom had a complete overhaul including a new window, a multi-function shower with a frame-less glass enclosure, cabinetry, granite counter tops, lighting, flooring, and a sliding barn door with light sensor at the closet entry.

The clients were complimentary of my interior design skills and project management. This was the second project I completed for them and they said “I had once again exceeded their expectations”. A big smile came to my face though, when after months of improvements to their Master bath I overheard my clients talking to the photographer, Ken Knoblezada. “You know, of all this, my two favorite things are the robe hook and the automatic closet light”. It’s the little things.

Make Your Home Fit Your Lifestyle

Sunday morning before church I picked up my copy of Conde Nast Traveler magazine. I couldn’t resist the allure of the cover taunting me with exotic places: Oman, Umbria, Panama, Mumbai and Paris. I flipped through the pages in anticipation of being inspired by textures and patterns that are used in the architectural finishes in these faraway places. I hoped for some photography of the foods and spices used to prepare them. Maybe there would be some pictures that captured the richness of the people, their smiles, the clothes they wear, how they embrace each other.

As I turned each page I noted one after another ads of luxury travel bags, jewelry, and designer clothing. I came to a couple of two page spreads for American television shows. At first I shook my head and wondered why this television network would spend big money on ads in a travel magazine. It just seemed like the piece of the puzzle that didn’t fit. Then I realized it is in our homes we spend most of our leisure time. The trips inspired by Conde Nast Traveler and such are not everyday living.

If you are inclined to watch the TV shows advertised in this magazine you may want to invest in audio visual equipment that melts seamlessly into your home décor. The cook of the house should have a kitchen to accommodate their collection of spices from faraway places or the serving platters collected on trips. The value of making our homes fit our lifestyles is immeasurable.